Smart city and the future of advertising

Healthcare and health institutions have been on everybody’s mind in 2020 and with the pandemic still taking its toll on our everyday lives, this is not likely to change in 2021. Digital transformation of health facilities can improve the overall satisfaction and provide a better experience for their patients, employees and visitors.

The increasing competition among healthcare providers and tightening budgets drive the need for innovation. Healthcare does not finish, nor starts in the hallways of the hospital. Small improvements go a long way!

The main goal of digital transformation through implementation of smart street furniture is to introduce an added value to the essential work that healthcare facilities provide and offer easily accessible information or raise awareness of an important health related topic.

In the early 2020 we partnered with Roche, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company from Basel, Switzerland.Together we installed Smart Benches in 2 major health institutions in Serbia. The goal was to raise awareness on the occasion of World Cancer Day, so the Smart Benches info-portals were equipped with valuable information about cancer, survivor’s stories, help lines etc.

A year before, a clinic from Skopje, Macedonia installed Smart Bench Mini in front of their main building.

Another Smart Bench in front of the Clinical Centre of Serbia was installed this February and is provided by The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Janssen wanted to make a difference for patients and visitors of Clinical Centre by gifting them a smart spot to charge phones, use free WiFi, and the opportunity to learn more about the diseases through J4P website.

Each new Smart Bench installed in front of a health facility instantly becomes a part of a wider Smart Bench network. Since this is an ongoing project, we plan to cooperate with more companies and brands from the health and pharma industry interested in innovation and smart city solutions.

Here are the most important insights we gathered from cooperating with health facilities and brands from health industry all around the world:

1. Smart Bench provides a small relief, a relaxing and educational point. Patients, visitors and family members can use the free WiFi and charge their phones. This is especially important for out-of-town patients and families, as they might not have other options for internet and power available.

2. Information and education. Smart Bench info portal is an easy way for people to get important information on different health issues, while their device is charging safely.

3. It is a great way for hospitals to increase the overall patients’ satisfaction.

4. An interesting and non-aggressive way for companies related to the health/pharmaceutical sector to promote their brand.

We hope that Smart Benches become a standard in front of and inside health facilities (we also have an indoor version!) Great health care begins with education, connection and commitment. We think Smart Bench is a great way to start.

Health is topic no.1 — is your brand a part of the conversation?

With the global health crisis on our hands, finding an affordable marketing opportunity and simultaneously doing something good for the people in need is the true sign of a successful and smart leadership.

If you’d like to know more about how to join our Partnership program, provide a Smart Bench for your premises or sponsor a Smart Bench at a prominent location at your location of interest please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll tailor a solution that best fits your business plan or budget.

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These are the superstars of our product portfolio:

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