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Partnering with Strawberry Energy is more than just expanding your portfolio with smart urban furniture. It is an exciting journey to the smart city era and possibility to create new long-standing revenue streams and advanced market position. In a smart way!

Cities and estates are becoming smarter and smarter each year and the market is growing at double digit pace. Don’t miss on the opportunity to be a part of this growth. Explore our partner program and upgrade your portfolio with the leading IoT smart solutions.

Why Strawberry Energy Partner program?

New revenue opportunity
Innovative IoT solution
4 different designs
Outsourced support for sales and marketing
Smart city expertise

Internationally recognized smart city innovator

Present in 50 cities and 25 countries and counting

Proprietary Smart Bench Networks in London and Belgrade

High-profile client list

Multiple awards for design and innovations

Notable clients

Present in 50+ cities and 23 countries around the world

Media Highlights

Customer Testimonails

This is the future of benches in London

Customer Testimonails

One of the 25 technologies every smart city should have

Customer Testimonails

The days of worrying about your smartphone dying while out on the town are over.

Customer Testimonails

In a world where we are all so reliant on our smartphones, the technology has one major flaw: the battery doesn't last all day. Fortunately, Canary Wharf's new benches could offer a futuristic solution.