Leaving original footprint in people's minds and hearts.
And in your city.

Smart Bench Mini helps you to give back to your community, while providing innovative outdoor brand engagement platform.

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Smart Bench Mini

It is designed with a purpose to easily fit any location, and/or retrofit obsolete benches across the world. Imagine this bench at every park, playground, shopping center, campus or retail park, where it will bring exceptional experience, and encourage people to spend more time engaging with a brand.

  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to install in just few steps
  • Attractive and modern design
  • 100% solar powered standalone system
  • Same footprint as a regular park bench

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Smart Mini

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Present in 50+ cities and 23 countries around the world

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Cloud-based dashboard

  • Access historical and real-time usage statistics of Smart Bench
  • Track the health of environment around each Smart Bench via built-in environmental sensors
  • Customize and download graphs and usage statistics reports for your business needs
  • Compare data of different Smart Benches throughout selected periods of time
  • Keep track of performance of each Smart Bench and maintain accordingly
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Branded WiFi Landing Page

  • Content on WiFi Landing Page is distributed by the context-aware WiFi management platform
  • Use WiFi landing page to promote your product, services and relevant information, in a smart way
  • Different promotional messages can be published, depending on various conditions around every Smart Bench (weather conditions, geolocation, time of a day, etc.)

Mobile app

  • Access real-time environmental data
  • Find the nearest Smart Bench around them, the cleanest or the quietest
  • Suggest new locations for Smart Bench