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We are experts with over 11 years of experience in the Smart City area. Our partnership model is designed to make it easy for you to join the exciting Smart City journey. As the veteran company on the smart city market, we know the playing field and invest a lot in our partnership program. We’ll provide you with the know-how and business tools to acquire new clients, sell on the smart city market, create new revenue streams and improve market position.

We’ll help you grow your earning potential

We partner with companies that are looking for portfolio innovation in one of the most prospective industries today – the digital transformation of cities

New revenue opportunity

Innovative IOT solution

Multiple design options

Full Marketing and Sales support


Smart City expertise transfer

Business growth through Innovation

Smart Cities are reality, not the future. 11 years ago, Strawberry Energy was the first company in the world to foresee the need for Smart Benches and we are constantly expanding our portfolio to meet the demands of modern citizens.

Make revenue through reselling our Smart Benches in your country.

Buy Smart Benches from us and make continuous profit via renting them to diverse events and fairs.

Make recurring revenue by selling the advertising space on Smart Benches you buy from us.

Join our partner network and become a part of the fast growing IoT market.

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