It’s safe to say that we don’t own or use technology anymore – we live it every day.

Integrating technology in our everyday lives so that we can do better, make faster, work more efficiently, is the goal and vision of many companies and individuals trying to introduce IoT technology to our cities in order to improve sustainability, traffic infrastructure, and offer a better urban experience.

Bell Integration has been in the business of helping companies establish, maintain and grow their IT services since 1996. Today, after 25 years in the business, their work centres on the four cornerstones of IT delivery – TRANSACT, TRANSFORM, RUN and RECYCLE.

IoT solutions are another big part of Bell Integration’s array of services and they fall under the “TRANSFORM” section in their rich portfolio. In partnership with O2 they are able to deliver faster, scalable, robust IoT solutions in an ever-evolving world. 

“Bell integration, acting as the IOT solution broker, brings all the complex IoT components together providing a single end to end solution.”  Paul Norman – Bell Integration Account Director 

Application of IoT solutions is practically limitless. And it spans across any industry sector. The one that we are the most interested in is enhancing the urban landscapes by producing smart sustainable urban furniture.

Strawberry energy’s Smart Bench Mini joined Bell Integration’s portfolio and it represents another meaningful expansion of Bell Integration’s IoT ecosystem. 

So how does Smart Bench Mini transforms and enhances the urban environment? 

Smart Bench Mini is just like a regular bench. You can sit and enjoy the environment, have a break from a busy day and relax. Except that we tried to go further. We wanted to envision a piece of street furniture that would be more suitable for the 21st century people. The ones that always have their phones on themselves at all times, connected to the digital universe. But we also wanted it to be sustainable, to compliment the environment and blend nicely in the surrounding urban setting. That’s how Smart Bench Mini was born. Sleek, symmetrical and minimal in design, with solar panel spanning all along the sitting area of the bench and with two wireless phone chargers on one side and another two super-fast cable charging slots on the other. Solar energy feeds the generator that transforms it into the power for phone charging and fast and free WiFi. Connectivity, sustainability and power. That’s what being a 21st century citizen is all about.

Smart Bench Mini is also a great asset for companies that want to level up their CSR efforts. It combines the best possibilities of digital marketing and OOH, with measurable engagement and impact. With branded surfaces and cloud dashboard where all the data is collected and analyzed, it provides companies a cool and modern way to communicate and engage with customers and visitors through a customizable landing page that opens whenever someone connects to the Smart Bench’s free WiFi.  That’s how a company that owns the bench, also offers something good for the community and is able to deliver its message to a vast audience and enhance its visibility. We believe that Smart Bench Mini is the best way to give back to the community and promote a new approach to social interaction and connectivity in urban settings.

Bell Integration is always on the lookout for smart IoT solutions that could deliver previously unmatched experience for their clients. Smart Bench Mini is a valuable addition to the list of their outdoor IoT urban furniture and it corresponds perfectly with “TRANSFORM” tagline of their portfolio. We saw in practice how Smart Bench Mini installed in green zones and city centers, campuses, retail parks, business zones, ports, docks, festivals, and many more places, can truly transform people’s experience and reinvent the way we think about outdoor furniture. And we are happy that Bell Integration and O2 recognized the potential of Smart Bench Mini to make a distinguishable impact in the smart outdoor furniture market.

If you are interested to find out more details about Smart Bench Mini and Bell Integration’s other IoT solutions check out this link: https://bit.ly/2E26Vqw