-Wolt’s innovative way to reach customers-

Companies and brands have had a tough year. Due to pandemic, advertising and CSR budgets are substantially cut in order to preserve human resources and secure production or the smooth run of the company’s core business. Many CFOs and boards advised on transferring all marketing funds to digital and focusing on reaching people on line exclusively. But once the initial shock and panic settled, marketing minds were once again trying to find solutions that work both ways – online and offline, and have the potential to reach hearts and minds everywhere.

That’s why investing in a long term solution that delivers a mix of OOH and digital advertising seems like a smart option. 

Here’s what ever growing successful industry leader like Wolt did. 

The worldwide leading food delivery company Wolt, decided to take their commitment to sustainability and smart technology to the next level!

Wolt chose our solar Smart Benches to further promote eco-awareness, drive innovation for its brand, educate the citizens about renewable energy and animate its consumers in a more meaningful way. 

For this project Wolt opted for the classic Smart Bench design that offers a lot of branding surface. They have many plans for a customizable landing page that opens when users connect to the WiFi – special promo codes, discounts on a wide range of their services. This is a great way to attract potential customers, connect with them “on the go” and introduce their offers in an organic way, through a memorable experience.

Wolt is a company with a great track record when it comes to sustainability. Their delivery workers use bikes instead of cars or mopeds, and new Smart Benches will surely be beneficial to them. When their phones run out of battery (which happens a lot), Smart Benches at several locations in the city center guarantee fast charging slots, reliable WiFi connection and of course, a nice place to take a break.

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